In the summer 2021 I teamed up with Vans and Imprint Projects to create a web-based "VJ tool" for a series of events with live music and generative reactive visuals.

I had the pleasure and honor of curating and working with three brilliant code artists, Vera van de Seyp, Patrik Hübner and Sean Zellmer.
Each of the artists created new or adapted existing artworks to work together with the platform. I provided the live audio data to them which they then mapped to various parts of their visuals. On top of that we also had general variables for controlling the intensity of the visuals as well as the scale and color theme.

The web tool from which we could select the audio source, which of the three artists to display, intensity, scale and color theme, toggle a brand overlay on and off and turn on three different video interstitials. These interstitials were used while the live music was on break or while change the visuals to another artist in the background.

Design and Creative Direction
Imprint Projects

Vera van de Seyp
Patrik Hübner
Sean Zellmer

Cat Owens